Friday, February 26, 2010

Baking Conversion Table


As different countries use different kind of measurement units, different recipes tend to come with different unit of measurement as well. For myself, I am more familiar with using cups and spoons  nowadays to measure my baking ingredients. However, back in my home country in Malaysia, I was more familiar with grams and ml.

To make life simpler, we just need to stick with one type of measurement unit and simply let the conversion chart do the work for us. Despite there are many conversion charts available online, I prefer to use conversion charts that are specific to baking as I find them to be more accurate.

Here are my compilation of useful conversion charts:

  1. Cups to grams conversion specific to each baking ingredient
  2. Cups, grams and ounces conversion specific to each baking ingredient
  3. Cookie Baking Conversion Charts and Equivalents
  4. Complete Measurement Conversion Table (Oz, grams, oz., ml, cup, tbsp., tsp.)

So, it really depends on what kind of conversions that you are looking for. Hope the links above help and solve your headache!


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